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ART AND DESIGN Ideas connect with materials, that is to say ideas shape and re-define materials into works of art. Altrorilievo provides t the expertise of artisans to artists and help them transform their ideas into objects. Altrorilievo works together with artists and help them to  translate their ideas into a style. READ MORE
MANNEQUINS In altorilievo we know that models of mannequins used in haute couture shop-windows should be elegant, refined in their forms and movement, besides having perfect vestibility. READ MORE
INSTALLATION AND SCENOGRAPHY Altrorilievo makes a wide range of models for sculptures, even very big ones, for scenographic installations, fairs and to furnish exposition spaces. READ MORE
PARKS & LEISURE Italy is world leader in the production of carousels and attractions for theme parks; these are famous for their creative and imaginative features as well as high technological and security standards. READ MORE
GADGETS In altorilievo we believe that an object, even a very small one, can be made precious when the production stage is characterised by a careful interpretation of forms. READ MORE
PROJECTS In Altrorilievo we support the creation of new projects; we can offer clients colour sketches and drawings of their projects  or we can propose ourselves original projects. READ MORE
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